ALL FIX Uganda is a locally owned and operated business located in Uganda, East Africa.
All Fix is a one-stop shop for a wide range of home and commercial maintenance solutions. All Fix dispatches and delivers in a timely manner.

All Fix Ug’s experienced team boasts of the expertise, commitment, and organizational skills required to make this traditional delivery method an astounding success. Besides hiring specialized subcontractors for unique duties as a general contractor; we take on the mantle as relates to material, labour, equipment, plus auxiliary services.

From budgeting and planning to implementation, we have found that this is an area where there’s a gap in the construction industry. All Fix Ug works closely with local companies, providing project management and construction support and advice, thus building and strengthening capacity within a crucial area of the construction business.

To provide quality and timely handyman services.
To revolutionize the handyman (fundi) business

• Civil Engineering Works
• Building and Masonry
• Earthworks and Landscaping
• Material Procurement and Delivery
• Technical advice to clients in form of technical
designs and Quantity Surveying.

Work Capacity
Ug Shs. 1m to Ug Shs. 10 bn
Ability to mobilize financing of Ug. Shs. 300m

• Employing skilled and experienced personnel
• Acquisition of construction equipment, Scaffolding, Concrete Mixers, Vibrators
• Providing turn key projects to our clients
• Mechanical and electrical designs
• Costing
• Advising on cost effective survey measures.